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Please contact us

Orodjarstvo Knific d.o.o.
Cesta na Okroglo 5A,
4202 Naklo

PE Tržič
Pot na pilarno 12,
4290 Tržič

Please call

+386 4 594 30 00

Or send us an email

Žiga Thomas Kogoj


+386 4 594 32 07
+386 40 234 123

Jasna Knific


+386 4 594 32 20

Mladen Krčić
+386 4 594 32 09
+386 40 640 706
Miha Oman
Head of tool workshop
+386 4 594 32 03
+386 41 582 784
Tomaž Filipovič
Chief operating officer
+386 4 594 30 02
+386 40 456 388
Boštjan Dimc
+386 4 594 30 05
Sales / planning
+386 4 594 30 00
Simon Železnik in Blaž Tičar
Quality department and measuring lab
+386 4 594 30 07


We want to strengthen our position as a recognized, reliable and high-quality supplier of thermoplastic tools and products, both in the local and European market. We want to offer our increasingly demanding customers comprehensive solutions with a high level of added value and constantly follow their requirements for quality and on time delivery, where the business environment is prepared for achieving goals, based on the measures and requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015. At the same time, we want to remain a stable and organically growing company, which also provides an attractive and stimulating work environment for our employees.


We are a recognized supplier of quality metal tools for injection molding of thermoplastic products with our own development, production and servicing of tools. We are also a recognized manufacturer of injection molded thermoplastic products.

General purchase conditions

The General Purchasing Terms and Conditions supplement each Purchase Agreement and order. If the purchase conditions and the Purchase Agreement or order do not match, the relevant provision of the Purchase Agreement applies. They are being published on the website of this page.

For the avoidance of any doubt, the supplier has concluded the purchase contract in writing or confirmed the order by accepting the offer or by taking the action necessary to fulfill the buyer's order, accepting the General Purchasing Terms. If the supplier specifies conditions other than these anywhere, they do not bind the buyer in any way without his explicit written confirmation. By concluding the Purchase Agreement, any general and / or special conditions of the supplier are excluded.

The supplier who supplies the products to Orodjarstvo Knific must fully comply with its logistical and quality requirements.

Acceptance of the goods / raw materials and payment thereof does not mean acceptance of other conditions than those determined by the Purchase Agreement and the General Purchasing Conditions.